Friday, 28 October 2016

"No Spāņiem līdz latviešiem" in Gulbene

    Gulbene has the honor to host the end of the exhinition "No Spāņiem līdz latviešiem" during the last half of october. Until saturday 29th is possible to see the exhibition in Gulbene´s Culture Centre in its lobby room.

...and with this we arrived to the end! This was the last cultural extra-event from the project! I appreciate all the spaces provided and the interested artists that made possible this very first exhibition with me as curator come real. It was an enjoyable, full of responsability experience that I hope I can repeat someday in a bigger level, in a longer fraction of time, not only two months. Time will tell! but for now I´ve got start packing all my belongings for coming back home.

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