Saturday, 29 October 2016

"Kaķi" group concert "Tu esi mans draugs"

Writing until the end!
In this day, my last saturday in Valmiera, a chorus group called "cat" in latvian offered a friendly for friendship concert (as the title suggests) translating in another good succesful choice to host by Valmiera´s Culture Centre!

Unexpectedly there was an accordion solo for a pretty song.

The concert itself was mainly a relaxing vocal chorus concert (and is not Christmas yet) of several songs from composers such contemporary Emils Zilberts or Astor Piazzolla...specially from Piazsolla who was a tango composer I think some of the song performed weren´t specifically designed to being sung in chorus.

There were also duos in-between accordion and the chorus!

Along with the concert itself the event also offered cinematics about the group "kaķi".
Things went more in an outright concert style when more musical instruments joined the performance:

And there were dance performances aswell by the young group "Flash". They danced as main protagonists or as support accompaniment of the songs:

And then the theatre curtain opened showing a super-duper extra expansion courtesy of the band! Altogether making a level increase that felt very improving, making a complete set of orchestra and taking over the scenary and further!

And everything ends in flowers and dedications as showing how nicely  they done it!
Althought the dedications and thanks took this time took quite longer time than expected.

Funny hats ahoy, by the way:

And with this last post we arrive to the end of the project. All this year covering different cultural events in Valmiera and Vidzeme were a gratifying experience and enriching job. Hope this doesn´t end here! Hope you enjoy these articles and find something useful on them!

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