Sunday, 10 July 2016

Laine Loze

Hi everybody!  I would like to add an extra note about one thing I liked from my stay in the city of Valmiera. Recently, in the centrical park of Vespuišu there´s open a restaurant that host, as I checked the program at the entrance, several concerts each weekend, from local groups and people. Didn´t notice this place until two days ago when I was purposed to go there. And I´ve got to say, but it´s interesting and inspiring to support the will and desires of new formed group and people from the local area who wants to get to start somehow, from small but cute places such this ones. I appreciate that, as it´s an impetus for those who want to start the hard path of arts (any way of them, music included).
The name of the article is the name of the group that was performing the evening I went, by the way.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Kārlienas Pagalma Svētki

Today in Laipa Gallery (remember, one of the few art galleries in Valmiera) there was this special event consisting in several workshops and exhibition around the gallery, in and out, supported by proffesional artists in each field shown: from etching lithography, woodcut, painting and photography (I guess it´s a destiny hint that my idea of making an exhibition hosting all of them is NOT a sassy idea after all).
There was also a storytelling part as well in the backyard, not to mention some acoustic concerts too. This whole event took place from midday to the very evening (21:00). Here some snapshots:

From the arts workshops:

An almost step-by-step process of printing from wood-cut:

Don´t forget the concerts as well:

 And there were also some ceremonies to congratulate the artists and their support, with proper flowers and the local goods of this town: the beer from Valmiermuiža,

And after some explanation about he exposition, which all of them were focused on the landscapes of Valmiera:

Nice event, as long as it took the whole (not the night) and it took a calmed progress rather than an intensive one as have been these last days with the celebration of the solstice. Maybe is was quieter than I expected but still it was a complete pack of the events and it fullfilled the requirments. I really like the avaliability to make lithography and woodcut (good ol´ days come to me) and touch a litho stone once again (althought the press process was to take to Riga where the press was. After all, how you are going to take a litho press? without spending lots of money I mean).