Sunday, 2 October 2016

Exhibition "Valmieras pilsētas pensionārs"

Šodien...Today aside of the theatre event there was the opening of the brand new art exhibition in the Culture Center´s main gallery area.
The exhibition shows the works made from seniors in Valmiera. Said works are, as we are about to see, knitting. I´m not a fan of knitting but I appreciate the good jobs made from others and despite all I made photos focusing in the one I liked most; also, you could perceive the skill from all of them!

Flowers and other homing decoration to give a good homely sensation.

The kaķi are the best! Well, I´m subective here saying it but it´s just I love cats! during the time spent in Latvia I fell more in love with these felines as you can see them everywhere (I don´t want to get involved in discussions about stray animals!) and they are quite respected.

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