Sunday, 9 October 2016

II Vidzemes storytelling festival "Stāsti krēslā". Day three

As I missed the second day due to a misunderstanding about where to met and take the bus I pass to the last day of the festival, where again I have been 100% of the time.
The place which would witness our art was Valmiermuiža´s main complex: the beer factory´s bar:

Inside, sheltered from the coldness of the autumn´s day, and surrounded in the warm and friendly atmosphere, the day started; begining with the masterly storytelling lessons from our swiss guest (I curse myself for not remembering her name, but if I wrote it here I´d mostly butchered it). This time I was able to understand several of the tricks for being a good storyteller and not something different such an actor (which are quite linked, indeed).

After our guest from afar (not me) finished a left the place for taking on time her plane it was the time to put in action some final tales from some more storytellers. At 11:00.

And then we finished gathering altogether and receiving the diplomas for our participation. This day was not as intensive as the first day nor the second, for sure. As we must know, the day finished at 13:00 in a cozy and not so public ambient; so things were far more relaxed. So here we are! one by one we went to receive the diplomas and some extra things: red berries! because they grow here so well, much better than in Spain where berries are more strange.

And for put the end to the festival, there was the lunch and some conversations meanwhile, as well, to finish there´s the habit that each person tells 3 things they liked most and three things that they could improve for next editions. While I didn´t give the most correct ones but only those I had in mind at the moment (I was the first to talk, and having to express yourself in other language takes some patience). For this festival there were these things I appreciated most:
-Its warm and cozy ambient.
-The chance to participate as a storyteller, that was the best for me!
-The public moments. Hearing the stories from the kids and youngsters who were participating with their outfits and staging was enjoyable.

And there were three things to mention that could be improved. From my side I would said:
-I told my tale at dinner time when in the hostel. I got a feeling of confidentiality...but as soon as others also told stories when only ourselves were present it calmed this sensation of confidentiality. Still, a bigger public attention would be appreciated I suggest.
-The food at times was...meh, ok. I´m not still very fond to latvian cuisine, honetly. I like to take hot soup these days but in this last day for example all the food was cold and the meat...ok, enough.
-I ignore if there was some promotion and its the degree of it; it looked faint for me.

Overall. It was a nice time. I enjoyed more that the one in Zemgale...it looks like I was starting to enjoy it more and more...just when I will leave in only 3 weeks.

Some toys that attracted the attention even to adults

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