Monday, 21 December 2015

Tirgus uz Rujiena

Heading to Rujiena, a northern town on Vidzeme and not far from Estonia frontier. There was a traditional market. Yes, like the one I shown on Valmiera previously! Rujiena´s market was in the cultural centre of the town and it didn´t have only selling products but also some workshops, a theatre function at evening and some Christmas ambient music. Albeit the market was slightly smaller than Valmiera´s one but still was curious to see as there were some products such books or cloth angels not seen on Valmiera...well, every market is a world. Rujiena´s one was good. All protected by the roof´s centre!

One of the succesful products in the market are winter clothes! because here the winter clothes are from the best quality.

And bee´s products too, they are quite popular as I saw from both markets and some neighbour villages.

Ahhh sweets!

General view of the market. With the scenary at background.

This is one of the workshops: making Christmas trees with foam...

...and this is other about Christmas drawings.

And this is the music studio, giving a good atmosphere.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Vidzeme Augstskola´s Christmas Concert

Today was a concert day with, again, very fancy persons making a round of songs, mainly about Christmas (as you can guess with the name).
What could I say? Clearly here singing is a very popular habit and something very attractive because many events and like every institution (from primary school to college) makes singing events, like in this time. Another thing is that people always go so gorgeous! while I´m wearing my jacket!
Well, I will give my impressions as the images progress. The order of the events goes from up/down (logical):

Ah, yes. The event had its caritative part showing animals in deed. Lovely creatures who seeks love.

And another fun fact. There are always presenters, and they always make show in the scenario. One of two: or they dress fancy or they are wearing some kind of costume as seen here. And I´m having this in mind due it´s for a town of less than 300000 inhabitants!

Intro event. A Christmas song.

Almost everyone were singing. Alone...

...with instrument company...

...or doing both things at the same time.

Folk groups made their function too. It´s also interesting, to see folk coreographies in other kind of concerts. Means many significance about this, don´t you think? people feels very heartwarmed with the folk traditions.

And some singers got an amazing pitched voice...

...or piano talent.

Aside of music, there was a time for humour...a pity that I couldn´t understand anything (ups)...

...but clearly they should be funny, as people laughed many times.

Folk dance round 3!

Some singers made appearance in more than one function. Brave they were! Christmas songs most of the time, by the way.

And the last folk dance. This was a new one...yes, I´m starting to remember the music and the dance steps of the folk groups!

And as closing show. All the people singing a final latvian Christmas song! because, by the way, many of the songs sang in the show (like half of them) were actually english songs which double the effort of these people.
Merry Ziemassvētku from Valmiera! Again! Keep taking care of animals (specially in a city where cats are common walkers in the street, not as common as in Riga but still)!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Valmieras Mākslas Vidusskolas exhibition

And I write "Vidusskolas" because I´m not sure still if it´s High School or the following grade but not the college but before the previous academic education going to university...Buf! each education program is a world.

Ok, so the Art "Vidusskolas" of Valmiera has taken some works of their students to exhibit them in the Cultural Centre of Valmiera. From 14th december to the 8th january you can visit them in the ground level of the centre. Here are them on photos, but it´s much better to see them personally. I guarantee, it´s always that on art! you cannot apreciate a work of art after seeing it in person and checking it from one side to another!

Yes, they are chopsticks! doing a cool effect.

oil pastel. I like the Courbet´s self-portrait one. Very skilled.

A sign that it´s made by teenagers. So Vidusskola must something in-between High School or so.

Well.I got to say but the works emulating different famous artists are keen, nice! And the chopstick work is kinda particular. And the black and white drawings are very cool!
Well, all the works are good, very colorful all them.
Keep working guys! You do it well!