Tuesday, 25 October 2016

"No Spāņiem līdz latviešiem" in Ēvele

During the first half of october there our iconic exhibition "No Spāņiem līdz latviešiem" moved  from the transited streets of Riga to the tranquility of a small, average village on the east of Latvia: Ēvele.
Ēvele is surrounded by green meadows, with houses scattered here and there. And its gallery was a former warehouse now serving as the main cultural spaces.
Said gallery was cold and humid. I was afraid of the humidity were worryingly high, but at the end the works were all fine and healthy!

When the opening took place, the same day there was a camp of boy scouts...yes, they are boy scouts, wearing camo uniforms, not mention the shooting range with bird shot carbines they had as one of the activities...if the boy scouts would have been like that when I was a child in my country I wouldn´t have defected so soon.
Anyway, the presence of these guys meant more visits in the opening day, more youngsters to visit the exhibition.

There was another interesting note of a guitar performance for the animosity of the public.

Never fails the catering, here they were quite gentle and even took cake. I didn´t take part of the decision about what to take for snacks, just told that there must be snacks, and they did it very well! wine, water and a delicious cake! plus cheese.

So one last stop remains: Gulbene! which is currently on stage. I will speak about it later. You have still the chance to see it until 29th october! where the exhibition will finally come to the end.

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